Davis HR Solutions has helped us tremendously over the past few years during a growth phase of our company. They have helped us navigate a changing benefits environment, further complicated by our operations spanning three different states. We are not large enough to warrant a full time in house HR person, so it's a real luxury that we have Davis HR to bounce questions and ideas off of.

Wide Range of Solutions

Davis HR Solutions uses a wide range of solutions to ensure your organizational changes — including workforce reductions, and operations consolidation — are handled effectively and in line with current legislation. 

Most importantly, we ensure that your business is not adversely affected by the change. We provide training and coaching to enable leaders to handle difficult issues, such as:

  • Terminations
  • Grievances
  • Employee relations issues

We’ll help minimize your risk during complex changes, through strategic planning and a structured approach to change.

Among the services we provide are:

  • Analysis of current state of the business
  • Assistance in identifying targets and goals for the future
  • Risk assessment and risk mitigation planning

Are you dealing with a critical business challenge that requires proactive change? Contact us to see how we can help.

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