I have worked with Liz Davis for almost 13 years. Liz brings a clean dynamic to HR and especially the benefits arena. She knows how to save money and educate Executives and companies on best practice.

As the newest member of Davis HR Solutions, Ms. Fitzgerald serves as our Flex Spending Solutions expert.

She brings our clients more than 20 years of administrative business experience, with a special focus on tax-advantaged plans. We welcomed Doreen Fitzgerald to our team in 2013.

Ms. Fitzgerald has overseen the setup and management of tax-advantaged plans for businesses of all sizes — from small, non-profit organizations to large corporations. In her role at Davis HR, she oversees all aspects of our Flex Spending Solutions. As part of our process, she meets with business owners and employees to thoroughly explain the available options. She then manages your plan setup, and handles scheduling of appropriate contributions and disbursements.

Ms. Fitzgerald is prepared to accommodate the needs of any business. She takes great pride in listening to your concerns, and finding solutions that meet your objectives.

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