Davis HR Solutions has helped us tremendously over the past few years during a growth phase of our company. They have helped us navigate a changing benefits environment, further complicated by our operations spanning three different states. We are not large enough to warrant a full time in house HR person, so it's a real luxury that we have Davis HR to bounce questions and ideas off of.

In today’s competitive recruiting environment, companies
need to aggressively and continuously market themselves
as the employer of choice. 

Frequently, however, the most basic elements of enticing candidates are overlooked in the rush to capture top prospects before the competition does. Plus, many hiring managers don’t have the time to identify, qualify, and interview the number of candidates necessary to find the right person.

That means the recruiting process can make the difference between a qualified candidate choosing to work with your company — or deciding to move on to the next opportunity. 

Davis HR Solutions’ comprehensive process is designed to address all of the common issues managers face with recruitment, including:

  • difficulties in tracking and containing recruitment costs
  • the number of resumes being screened, and candidates being interviewed
  • manager time constraints

We walk companies through recruitment, step-by-step, to:

  • perform in-depth market and needs analyses
  • analyze, write, and refine job descriptions
  • determine how to best present your company and its unique opportunity in the marketplace
  • research companies and candidates
  • conduct in-depth candidate interviews
  • present top candidates
  • prepare selected candidates and hiring managers for the initial interviews
  • perform confidential, in-depth reference checks when possible
  • facilitate offer negotiations with candidates
  • gather and report measures of effectiveness following placement of candidates

For an innovative solution to your recruitment goals, contact us.

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