Davis HR Solutions has helped us tremendously over the past few years during a growth phase of our company. They have helped us navigate a changing benefits environment, further complicated by our operations spanning three different states. We are not large enough to warrant a full time in house HR person, so it's a real luxury that we have Davis HR to bounce questions and ideas off of.

The Importance Of HR

In recent years, no company has been exempt from the rising costs of benefits and personnel. To mitigate these costs, many have reduced their Human Resources teams to a minimum. Unfortunately, this leaves companies with only a basic skill set and experience level. 

Yet with mergers and acquisitions becoming more common and coupled with complex changes to legislation and regulations, there is still a significant need for Human Resources as a strategic partner in business operations. 

That’s why more and more companies are turning to specialized HR consultants to handle complex personnel and Human Resources needs.

Why Davis HR Solutions?

At Davis HR Solutions, we assess the competitiveness of your HR programs and practices against comparable companies, industries and markets. Then, we provide strategies customized to your individual company’s needs, budget, and objectives.

Whatever your industry — from manufacturing to aviation to high tech — Davis HR Solutions can support you.

We provide the necessary tools when you:

  • Need an expert in the field now, but do not have the funds or long-term need for a Senior Human Resources staff member.
  • Need to evaluate the competitiveness of your benefits plans, but don’t have the contacts or knowledge of where to start.
  • Have an evolving business environment, and want to plan your people resources for future success — particularly when building your organization through an acquisition.
  • Are growing rapidly and need the assistance of our experienced staff to plan change management strategies.
  • Want to move from a private to a public company.
  • Want to move from a public company to private ownership.
  • Need to prepare for a divestiture.
  • Require guidance on compliance and/or employee relations issues.
  • Would like a financial tool or model for your Human Capital costs.

Whatever your issue, we have a solution.

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